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PA to LA: Day 6

June 6, 2003

June 6: We awake to the smell of breakfast which lingers throughout the hotel like the perfume of a '70s disco diva. After performing some menial tasks--such as laundering the clothes and feeding the pets--we hook up with Jay and Karla and head to breakfast at the Original House of Pancakes. The OHOP (not to be confused with the IHOP or the UHOP) boasts more pancakes than most restaurants have entrees. I go with pecan-banana--best damn pancakes I ever ate in the state of Texas. Matter of fact, the ONLY pancakes I've ever eaten in the state of Texas. Damn good, too, as is Di's grilled cheese and Karla's chocolate-chip pancakes (both of which I gladly sample). Jay goes with eggs & bacon and finishes it all before I could help.

After breakfast we split up, with the gals going their way and Jay and me going ours--which is, of course, to a variety of comics shops. Dallas has several interesting shops. A lot different than the shops in Philly, for sure. I kinda' feel like Goldilocks at the casa bears. The first shop we visit is crowded and disorganized, but has a nice selection of most everything from the last few years. The second shop we visit is huge, featuring a decent selection of comics, toys, and graphic novels. The third comic shop, Titan Comics, is almost just right, if only the prices for back-issues were not so damn over-inflated. For example, a couple of Captain Britain British comics from '70s are priced at $25 each. (I picked these up at the Philadelphia convention just last week for a buck each.) Other comics and mags at Titan are equally over-inflated, though the selection of books available is astounding, and I still manage to find a couple of bargins. Ultimately, I spend 10 bucks and walk out of the store with four books including a giant-sized Conan and a Comics Feature with a Bill Sienkiewicz interview from 1986.

After hitting the comic shops, we visit a local used CD/DVD shop and I find a few Matthew Sweet CD singles and the soundtrack to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then it's off to a great warehouse of a store called Half-Priced Books. This store is unbelievably large! Jay and I literally tear through boxes and boxes of books, finding several dozen graphic novels and several hundred comics. Di and Karla meet up with us at the store; they'd spent the day shopping and checking in on Chaddie, who unfortunately ran into a field earlier in the day and ended up covered in sticky thorns that we literally had to cut out of his fur.

After book shopping we walk across the street to a German restaurant and indulged in the foods of the Third Reich--well, not exactly, but good German food nonetheless.

Following dinner we head over to Jay's where I dissect some of his massive comic and graphic novel collection, which includes the EC hardcover series--every stinkin' book!

Following snacks we watch a bit of Dr. Seuss. As the hour begins to grow late, we head back to the hotel for rest and more relaxation.

Speaking of which, it's 1:30 CST. Time for bed...

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