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This all-ages collection of short stories features a variety of illustration styles. The bulk of Haunted is Yurkovich's adaptation of the classic short story The Monkey's Paw (first published in 1902 by W. W. Jacobs). Yurkovich's approach is not so much an adaptation as it is an homage to Jacobs; the text is reproduced in its entirety, with two half-page illustrations juxtaposing each page of prose. Other stories in Haunted include Yurkovich's original short tale, The Mourners, and several pieces by author/poet Dianne Pearce including The Ghoulies Parade and Halloween Night. Yurkovich also adapts Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star and The New England Primer to such an eerie extreme that you may find yourself sleeping with the lights on during those cool October nights.



Yurkovich's most ambitious project tells the story of a young boy whose love of broccoli forever changes his life. Absurd and compelling, The Broccoli Agenda mixes crime fiction, religious metaphor, super-heroics, romance, adventure, and other genres into a combination that is amazingly original. As usual, the super-hero genre is examined with unique realism, as evidenced by the quartet of heroes known as the Basic Four, a non-combat unit that is suddenly forced into combat by the deadly Sous Chef.
The Broccoli Agenda is a lofty read, told in a singular narrative, with a voice all its own. Note: This book includes graphic violence and language. It is recommended for mature readers.


the s.h.o.p.

the s.h.o.p. (Super Heroes of Philadelphia) is a 64-page one-shot that delves into the adventures of a quartet of super-heroes based, naturally, in Philly. This reality-based examination of the world of super-heroics is told from the POV of the Cosmopolitan, a one-time super-hero who was once a member of Threshold (the s.h.o.p.'s former signature name).

Now blind, the Cosmopolitan lives in the wreckage of his team's former headquarters and recalls the events that lead to the fall of Threshold and the formation of the s.h.o.p. In the process he must face his own inner demons and, perhaps, compromise his own sense of morality for the good of others.

Critics have praised the s.h.o.p., stating that it contains more characterization and story than an entire year of most mainstream super-hero books. Don't miss this unique and disquieting story. It will change the way you think about super-hero comics.

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