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PA to LA: Day 7

June 7, 2003

June 7:
I awake feeling too tired to head over to Keith's Comics in Dallas. Jay and I had visited the store on Friday, checking out the inventory and preparing for Saturday's 50%-off sell. But when Jay calls I have to pass on the trip cause I am feeling too wiped out. So Di and I spend the morning taking care of domestics--laundry, tidying up, etc., before heading out for for a bite to eat at a restaurant that's literally across the street from the hotel--Cheddar's.

As the afternoon lingers on the temperature climbs to 93 degrees. We take advantage of the hotel's jacuzzi and indoor pool and spend a few hours in the comfortable water, and a few hours later we head out to an early Tex-Mex dinner at the fabulous Luna el Noche with Jay and Karla and a sight-seeing tour of downtown Dallas. Di, as always, has some interesting reflections upon the day which follow...

Thanks to our great Texas hosts, Jay & Karla, we got to see the infamous book depository & the grassy knoll tonight. You cannot drive the street the way Kennedy's motorcade did anymore because it is one-way in the opposite direction. The book depository is a really pretty brick building on the right of the road, and the grassy knoll is before it on the left, so obviously he was shot from the knoll, because he wouldn't have even had the back of his head in view from the depository for another one-quarter block or so.
That's my theory and i'm sticking to it.

On the other hand, if Tom Cruise were to play the book depository with Jim Carrey as the grassy knoll...

There is this cool sculpture of steer going through the water in downtown Dallas. Pictures will follow when we get the scanner unpacked in LA!

Downtown dallas is very small, and it is a 9-5, Monday to Friday kind of city, like Wilmington. The architecture is really nice!

We saw a guy push an empty wheelchair across the street, and then get in it and go up to people begging and pretending to be disabled. It was bizarre because he was so obviously not handicapped.

Oh, and Tex-Mex is good. (Chomp!)

They have great cheap bookstores here, and excellent comic book stores. They also have stores called "Condoms to Go," and they're as prevalent as Waffle Houses, so I guess a lot of Texans are getting lucky a lot of the time and eating post-coital waffles.

Terrific Texas Trivia Time: Did you know Texas can fly its state flag at the same level as the US flag because Texas alone of the 50 states retained the right to ceceed from the union should it choose to? Now ya know!

If we're lucky someone in Washington'll get Texas really mad before we leave; then we can say we went to another country too!

Ah, the always politically correct miss Dianne.
Tomorrow will be our final day in Dallas. Still on schedule, we are now seven days from reaching Los Angeles...

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