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JULY 2006 or The Seven-Month Itch

July 7, 2006

RETURN TO PHILLY AND THE LAPTOP FROM HELL: We spent the holiday weekend in the city that loves ya back. The return to Philadelphia was great fun, and we caught up with friends and family. I also learned a lot about installing memory cards into notebook computers. Word to the wise, if you decide to upgrade your laptop's memory, do as I do: Find a screwdriver and do the install yourself. (Unless you'd prefer spending $30 (Comp USA) or $35(Best Buy) for a process that takes approximately 30 seconds.

Philly seemed largely unchanged but for a new high-rise near the Amtrak station and a variety of new restaurants throughout center city. The heat and humidity were constant reminders as to why we decided to motor West back in '03. A 1.5-mile run around a track in Springfield nearly killed me; oppressive humidity and jogging are indeed a bad mix.

Southwest Air is amazing. On-time flights. Personable flight crews. Early arrivals. FYI, if you're flying Southwest, print your boarding pass early. Snag an A pass and snag the seats adjacent to the wing. You'll be responsible for operating the exit in case of an emergency, but the excess leg room the row offers makes it well worth the added responsibility. I spent most of the airtime stretching my legs and working on the NYSS: Post 9/11 adaptation; it's currently at 40 pages and should easily exceed 120 or more when breakdowns are complete.

REVISIONS REVISIONS: The novel enters its fifth revision this week. There's very little left to tweak. Watch for an announcement in the next few weeks.

BACK TO THE PAST: Another period-piece story is in development. This one will feature a mix of new and old characters, and will be set in World War II. It's still very early in the writing stages, so not much more to describe at this point.

BILL MANTLO BOOK STATUS: Bill's brother, Mike, has provided the introduction for the upcoming Bill Mantlo tribute book. The trip to Philly and a day of illness has set me back somewhat, but I expect to be back to the writing within the next week. Several major sections are already complete including Bill's tenure on Micronauts and Incredible Hulk, with the ROM section about half finished. Publication date should be announced end of July or mid-August.

2006, GOING...GOING... 2006 is officially half over. I'm stunned. Details of actually stunnedness to follow.

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