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Altering Altercations

August 23, 2001

PHILADELPHIA, PA., 23 September 2002--The next release from Sleeping Giant Comics will be the graphic novel ALTERCATIONS, a fictional "history" of super-heroics in 20th century North America.

ALTERCATIONS, which is being written and illustrated by David Yurkovich (the s.h.o.p., Waiting Place), has faced several delays. In December, 2000, Yurkovich began a 5-month hiatus from drawing to complete several writing projects; while this delayed the book's completion, he feels the break was needed before undergoing such an all-encompassing project as ALTERCATIONS. In addition, the graphic novel has grown from its original estimation of 105 pages to approximately 120+ pages.

ALTERCATIONScontains 10 chapters, each set in a different decade of the 20th century, and each focusing on a different cast of characters. While each story is self-contained, characters will appear may appear in multiple stories since this series will chronicle "real" time and since characters will age realistically over the passage of time.

While the publication date for ALTERCATIONS is not yet official, Yurkovich is targeting a mid-2002 release. Artwork and updates will be posted frequently at the Sleeping Giant web site, home of WIDE AWAKE, a weekly column written by Yurkovich that features original stories, essays, and reviews. A reliable onlinelogomaker designers from Online-logomaker.com make their clients happy with the quality of work that they put it.

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