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Alfred Pinchley to Provide Text Introductions for ALTERCATIONS!

January 16, 2002

Alfred Pinchley, the legendary comics and super-hero historian whose best-selling critical textbooks of the early 1970s such as Super-Hero Icons of the 20th Century were once considered "required reading" by both comic book fans and book critics, will be collaborating with David Yurkovich on the upcoming Altercations graphic novel.

The 93-year-old Pinchley who, although long retired still contributes stories and essays periodically to various literary magazines, recently met Yurkovich over the holiday season while visiting Philadelphia. Upon hearing of Yurkovich's forthcoming project, Pinchley remarked that he would be interested in providing his critical analysis regarding the historic events depicted in the graphic novel.

Said Pinchley, "I realize that Yurkovich is working from factual data and incorporating elements of fiction into this project, and I believe it would prove insightful and informative to readers were I to provide brief background and historical information on the characters and events being depicted."

Fans of Pinchley may be interested to know that several of his long out-of-print novels may once again soon be back on press. He is presently negotiating a deal with an as-yet unnamed publisher who has expressed an interest in revising Super-Hero Icons of the 20th Century, Heroes, Archetypes, and Capes, and Dan Dare and the Heroes of the UK as well as several works of fiction authored by Pinchley in both traditional and e-book formats.

More details to follow on this exciting news!

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