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ALTERCATIONS Preview at Wizard World East, Philadelphia

April 12, 2002

Although Volume I of Writer/artist David Yurkovich's long-awaited (and long overdue) graphic novel ALTERCATIONS is not scheduled to release until autumn from Sleeping Giant, comics fans can preview dozens of pages from the saga at this year's Wizard World East, May 10-12, at the Philadelphia Convention Center. (Following Wizard World East, many of the new pages will be posted to the Sleeping Giant Comics Web site.)

ALTERCATIONS: A History of Super-Hero Activity in 20th Century North America has grown from its initial projections of 110 pages to approximately 160 pages. The project will be released in two individual volumes, each containing five stories (Volume I features stories from each of the first five decades of the 20th century, with Volume II covering the latter half of the century, respectively). Initially conceived as a black & white album, Yurkovich soon elected to complete the pages in full color using mixed mediums including pen & ink, colored pencil, and pastel. This, and the fact that the project has vastly grown in scale, have resulted in the project's delay as well as its expansion into two unique volumes.

Ninety-three-year-old Alfred Pinchley, essay writer and author of the long-out-of-print Super-Hero Icons of the 20th Century, will be providing brief text commentaries to serve as prefaces to each chapter of ALTERCATIONS. Yurkovich and Pinchley met in Philadelphia over the holiday season in 2001.

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