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From Philly to Los Angeles: SGC Motors West

May 12, 2003

As you may or may not know (and most likely you don't), Sleeping Giant Comics is relocating from Philly to Los Angeles. We're hitting the road June 1. Stops along the way will include DC, New Orleans, Dallas, Roswell, Grand Canyon and more.

I'll be maintaining an online travelogue so check in often.

The upsides to this move are many, the least of which involves never having to shovel snow again. The downsides are that production on ALTERCATIONS 2 is being delayed. Likewise, new fiction at WIDE AWAKE will likely be on hiatus for a few weeks until we've reached the west coast and have gotten back into a daily routine.

At least two more PB & Jay chapters are nearly finished, so I'll probably be posting them shortly. Lots more fiction is in the development process, including a return to heroic fiction, so stay tuned. See you on the road!


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