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April 7, 2004

The publication date for LESS THAN HEROES, Volume 1 is drawing closer. If you're not planning on ordering the book through your local comics shop, I'd suggest ordering directly from TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS. The good folks at Top Shelf offer many great deals on all sorts of diverse books, as well as exclusives you won't find in stores, so be sure to surf their entire site for specials and other offers!


Caleb Gerard, Editor-in-Chief magnifique at COMIC WORLD NEWS and I "talked" electronically in what ended up becoming a rather in-depth and extensive interview. We discussed all-things-comics, as well as history and a few other subjects. I learned a few things about myself in this interview, and I also learned that Caleb and I share more than a few similarities regarding comics. For more details, CLICK HERE, and be sure to check out Caleb's insightful BORDER PATROL column, won't you?


My sincere thanks to Arune Singh and Jonah Weiland at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES for running providing extensive LESS THAN HEROES coverage. Arune, a CBR Staff Writer, turned a bunch of my ramblings into a sharply focused news piece that would put Clark Kent to shame. CLICK HERE for all the details!


Anyone who knows me can tell you that I rarely do much online surfing that isn't work related (excepting, of course, shopping online at eBay for Bronze- and Silver-Age comics). One site I learned about this week is POP THOUGHT, a web-site where "herein we discuss...all the things you watch, read and play." It is an extensive site that's also devoid of annoying pop-up advertisements, which makes navigating through POP THOUGHT all the more enjoyable. This week, ALEX NESS, in his ongoing column Thoughts From the Land of Frost wrote some very nice comments about LESS THAN HEROES that, quite frankly, made me feel more than a bit humbled. I didn't know Alex prior to this week, but we have since corresponded a bit through email. I was suprised to learn how much we have in common regarding our likes and dislikes in comics. Alex is one of those people who I wish lived close by. I really think he'd be really cool to hang with. CLICK HERE to check out what he's got to say about Philly's finest super-heroes and other diversions.


My old pal SEAN McKEEVER has been busier than, well, let's just say he's been damn busy and leave it at that! In addition to writing Sentinel, Inhumans, Mystique and just about every other comic being done at the House of Ideas, he's also got plenty of other fires burning. Sean and I worked together briefly on volume 2 of The Waiting Place and, well, at least one of us has found commercial success. Just don't call him "Mac-Daddy." I did it once, as a joke (on my birthday no less), and McKeever blackened both of my eyes (with magic marker); seriously.
If you haven't been to Sean's site lately, by all means CLICK HERE. There's lots of good stuff to be had.


ITEM: PB and Jay, my semi-autobiographical (ie, complete fiction) novel about the expolits of a couple of kids with eating disorders, is back in production. My goal is to be at 100,000 words by July 1. Presently, I'm about 25 percent there (and no, it's not really about a couple of kids with eating disorders...)

ITEM: I've been writing a RETRO REVIEW column for UNDERGROUND ONLINE on and off since December 2003. This week I'm going to be working on the column with a bit more regularity, so expect to see a new "Retro" review more or less on a weekly basis. The next two comics going under the microscope are War Is Hell 9 and Mavel Team-Up 73 both of which put the "blast" into "blast from the past."

ITEM: There are no more items this week. See ya in 7 days...

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