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July 17, 2004

Less Than Heroes--Latest News

Attention Culture Lovers: Less Than Heroes is now available in comic shops nationwide. It can be ordered online from Top ShelfTop Shelf and Amazon.

If you're still on the fence about ordering, you may find the following reviews and commentaries helpful.

These newest reviews surfaced earlier this month. Interestingly, both were from The Fourth Rail. The first review was authored by Randy Lander in his ongoing column, Snap Judgments. Click HERE to read what Randy had to say about the project.

Next, Fourth Rail's Don MacPherson offered his own thoughts about the collection. Click HERE for the low-down from Don's point of view.

The S.H.o.P. Review Redux

Meanwhile, over at Pop Image, I happened to stumble upon a review of The S.H.o.P. graphic novel, written by Tom Moore. I was delighted to read this review, and more than a bit embarrassed that I hadn't noticed it until now. The 64-page S.H.o.P. one-shot is a sequel to the Less Than Heroes stories. For the complete review, click HERE.

RUSH Redux

It's true. Redux is the word of the day.

Purchased the new Feedback CD today, and in a twist of synchronicity discovered that my recently-composed Rush essay has been published on the official Rush website. So it's now and forever more officially the property of Atlantic Records. Click HERE, then choose TOURING, then TOUR REVIEWS. The commentary appears under the reviews for the Tuesday, July 6 Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl concert.


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