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September 2, 2004

Mr. Kerry:

The Republicans invaded New York this week and held an exclusive party. They littered the floors with confetti and they told their tales of how wonderful our nation is doing under the "leadership" of the creature known as George W. Bush. It was a John Kerry Roast, though regrettably Dean Martin was nowhere to be found to serve as emcee. Rudy Guiliani was there in a speech more suitable for a Fox reality series than a national convention. Rudy revealed to the nation that, on September 11, 2001, during the chaos of the WTC attacks, he found time to comment to then-police commissioner Bernard Kerik. "Thank God George Bush is our president," he told Kerik. I'm sure that, amid the explosions and confusion of the September 11 attacks that's exactly what he said. "Spin, spin, spin," said the DJ.

And of course, for anyone bored enough to actually watch the televised RNC, it certainly appeared that what was being said was gospel. Most of the speakers could barely finish a speech without being interrupted by chants from the audience or hisses at the mention of John Kerry. Yes, the bullies said what they had to say, and even The Terminator chimed in, bestowing upon America the pride he feels at being an American citizen (and the perks that accompany being a big-time Hollywood star--ya know, groping unsuspecting women and referring to his opposition as "girly men"). I thank God, Allah, and Buddah that legally Arnold can never run for President. But I digress.

Mr. Kerry, as you have probably noticed, the press are reporting that the W. has pulled "slightly ahead" in the polls following the onslaught of character assassinations hurled upon you like so much pie in a Three Stooges skit. But your retort--your statement that reveals the truth about the GOP, that they are attacking your character because they cannot tell America about their accomplishments (because as you and I know, they've made none)--does more to lift my spirits than watching Fahrenheit 9/11. Your statement is indicitive that you, unlike Mr. Gore, will not simply lie down and be beat upon. You have a voice, and unlike Mr. Gore, you are going to use it. You must use it. So I implore you--Bring it on, John. The facts are out there. For every copy of Unfit for Command that has been sold, there are been dozens of books, many nationwide best sellers, revealing why Bush should not (must not) be reelected this November.

It is unfortunate that the GOP chooses not to run on the issues this (or any recent) election. It is unfortunate they spin the truth, distort the facts, and downright lie to America. And I understand it is difficult to get down into the mud and sling it back, but if that is what it takes to defeat the Evil in Washington, then that is what must be done. Bring it on, John. Bring the fight to his door. So much of America is already on board with you. Ignore the polls. Stick to your guns and fight back. The GOP wants you and Mr. Edwards to bend over and say, "thank you sir, may I have another." Don't let it happen. Don't let the bastards bully you. Show the voting public that behind the curtin, Bush and Dick aren't magicians. Their parlor tricks have blinded the nation for four years. The facts are there--the jobless rate, the deficit, the war, the lies, their own self-serving interests, and our nation's alienation in the eyes of the world. Tell the stories to the voters, John. It's time to send G.W.B. back to Texas.

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