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W I D E   A W A K E


October 1, 2004

. . .have been both highly underreported and exaggerated. However, the rumors of my impending demise in comics (most of them started by rival off-planet extremists) are, in fact, becoming self-fullfilled prophecies.

Chalk it up to the impending election, that all-important event that has my eyes watching the world news and my fingers typing letters to various news agencies.

Chalk it up to an ever-changing job market, not the least of which I'm a part of.

Chalk it up to a growing disinterest in the very medium I'm attempting to be a part of.

Chalk it up to being overworked.

Chalk it up to enjoying life outside of the pages of a four-colored magazine.

Maybe I'm dead and I just haven't realized it yet. Time, and rigormortus, will no doubt tell...

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