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May Musings

May 11, 2006

ITEM: Interview With Craig Elkins at Philadelphia City Paper

Philadelphia City Paper published a much-edited version of my interview with ex-Huffamoose musician Craig Elkins. You can pick up a copy if you’re in the Philly area, or visit City Paper’s Website to read it online. Many thanks to Patrick Rapa at Philadelphia City Paper for making this happen! The unedited version will be posted here next week.


ALTERCATIONS, my own personal Moby Dick, is done. All pages have been drawn, scanned, Photoshopped, and scripted. The white whale is dead. It checks in at 144 pages. More details to follow.

ITEM: Mantlo Tribute Book

My long-planned tribute book to Marvel writer Bill Mantlo is finally in development. More details to follow soon, once the press release is sent out.

ITEM: I’m Tired

I’m tired. There are will be no other items for this week.

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