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August 1, 2006

Nearly 3 months after announcing the development of Mantlo: A Life In Comics (aka, The Bill Mantlo Benefit Book), the world of mainstream comics has taken notice. Wizard Magazine recently contacted the book’s Editor to say it will be publishing a feature story on Bill’s work in an upcoming issue. This is fantastic news for Mantlo fans and especially for comics readers who may be unfamiliar with Bill’s amazing volume of work. Wizard’s Christopher Lawrence stated that the article will reference Mantlo: A Life In Comics and that the feature may actually coincide with the release of the benefit book, which will definitely help draw attention to this important project.

In addition to the forthcoming Wizard press, the Mantlo book has already benefited from contributions by many comics professionals including Butch Guice, Ed Hannigan, Tony Isabella, Mike Mignola, George Pérez, Herb Trimpe, and Marv Wolfman, with insights from many more industry pros still to come.

A comprehensive overview of Bill’s life and professional career, the project also features several “lost” short stories written by Bill, as well as never-before-seen photos, and intimate stories from Bill’s collaborators in comics on the behind-the-scenes world of Marvel. Mantlo: A Life In Comics is planned as an 8.5 x 11” square-bound magazine with a projected Spring 2007 release date. It is produced and edited by David Yurkovich (Less Than Heroes) in cooperation with Bill’s sibling, Mike Mantlo. All proceeds of this project will benefit Bill.

Artists, writers, and editors who’ve worked with Bill are encouraged to contact the Editor.

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