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The Stamp Collector at Unbound Comics

January 4, 2002

From the Department of Unabashed

This announcement should have been posted a few months ago, and really, I thought I had posted it, but I see that I have not. Had Dianne not mentioned this to me last night it might never have been posted, so thank you, Di!

Available Again for the First Time:
The Stamp Collector

Permit me to explain. The Stamp Collector mini-series, a 2-issue series I published several years ago featuring the heroes of the S.H.o.P. (back when they were called Threshold) has been out of print and unavailable for a long time. The first issue of the series sold out right quickly. A few copies of the second issue are available, but as all completists know: one half is no good without the other. And as I'm trying to devote all resources toward publishing new material, it was doubtful that the Stamp Collector series would be in print again any time soon, if ever. Enter the happy medium:
I recently joined the folks at unboundcomics.com. They have made available the entire Stamp Collector saga as a downloadable comic. Although I was skeptical about the whole online comic genre, having seen the quality of the work being offered by unboundcomics, and knowing there is an audience who would like to read the Stamp Collector series (and really, it's one heckuva good story and you ought to be reading it!), it seemed silly not to make the work available to the comics-reading public. In addition, the online version of the comic is far less expensive than was the original mini-series: 62 pages of story and art for $2.75 (individualists can download each issue separately for a mere $1.50 per).
If you've never read the Stamp Collector series, or if you'd like to preview it free of charge, be sure to visit unboundcomics.com and see what the you've been missing. I look back on this work with fond reflection. The art is a bit rough around the edges, but I think it was very daring. I overcame many drawing obstacles when I created this little series. Threshold (i.e., the S.H.o.P. characters), had easier lives during that era. Recoil, Cosmopolitan, Meridian, and Mr. Malevolence seem to be having a much more enjoyable time in this series versus The S.H.o.P. I remember staying up extremely late virtually every weekend for a six-month period while completing the art and just having fun doing it. So check it out--at least check out the free preview and see if it's your cup of tea. And check out the other fine items being offered at unboundcomics.com. It's a world of discovery, ain't it?

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