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January 27, 2003


ITEM! This is why it’s always good to revisit the basement boxes from time to time…last night, as I was looking through a few old boxes in the basement, I stumbled upon a box I’d forgotten about. It was hidden behind a few other boxes, actually, and I suppose the adage “out of sight out of mind” applies here. To my surprise the box contained 25 mint copies of the S.H.o.P. (Super-Heroes of Philadelphia) graphic novel. I’ve turned down many requests for this book because I really thought my stock had expired. So, while the order form at this site states that S.H.o.P. is out of print, it IS available (at least until these 25 copies have sold). The cost is $6.50 post-paid within the US. If you are not in the US, e-mail me for actual shipping costs.

ITEM! Here’s a special offer: Order Altercations 1 and S.H.o.P. for $15.00 post-paid (again, this rate applies to US customers) and receive two additional free comics. This offer is good while S.H.o.P. is in stock.

ITEM! Work on Altercations 2 is continuing. Three chapters are finished (1950s, 1960s, 1970s). The 1980s chapter, starring the New York Super-Hero Syndicate is approximately one-half completed. I’ll be starting the 1990s chapter in a few weeks and will then finishing writing/coloring/lettering, etc. Watch for new pages on this site!

ITEM! I have too much original art. If you are interested in purchasing original art from any of my published books I encourage you to do so. The pages are extremely affordable and make bare walls less bare. Most pages are still available though a few have been sold in recent months. Prices are as indicated below by title; price listed is per individual page (please indicate which page(s) you are interested in purchasing):

Threshold: $20
Death by Chocolate: $20
The Broccoli Agenda: $30
The S.H.o.P.: $35
Haunted: $35
Altercations 1: $60

Ordering is quite simple: Postage to any address in the US is a flat rate of $5.50 (the price includes delivery confirmation). E-mail with the page(s) you are interested in owning. Provide a brief description of the page (this will ensure that you receive the page you are requesting). So help me clean out my art files and at the same time add a few pages of original art to your collection! We’ll both be glad you did.

ITEM! Work on my first two novels has commenced. The first novel, Glass Onion is well under way. This project was originally going to be solicited as an ongoing comic book series, but after writing the first chapter and outlining the first 12 chapters, it seems much more well-suited toward prose vs. sequential fiction. The second novel will be based on the Earth/Ryka War Stories currently being serialized here at wide awake. Watch for more details on both of these projects in the weeks ahead!

ITEM! I’d hoped to write a bit more regarding the recent essay that posed the question “Why don’t heroes age?” Alas, the follow-up essay is as-yet uncompleted. Soon, I’m sure…

ITEM! My humble thanks to Tony (the Tiger) Isabella who awarded Altercations 1 an amazing 5 Tony’s on a scale of 1 to 5 (see the latest Tony's Tips column in this week's Comics Buyer's Guide [on sale right now at finer comic book shops nationwide]). Thanks Tony! I appreciate it!

ITEM! Many thanks to those readers outside the US who have contacted me and placed orders for Altercations as well as other SGC comics. It does my heart good to know that my efforts are being sought out by individuals outside the local tri-state area (not that the tri-state readers are chopped liver, of course).

ITEM! It's official--Sean (Young) McKeever is writing a monthly series for the boys at Marvel. Sean's new book is Sentinel. Watch for it soon!

ITEM! If you are in the Pasadena, CA, area be sure to check out the upcoming convention (this weekend, actually!). I'll be dropping by at least Saturday, where I hope to finally meet and greet Stan (the Man) Lee and a few of the other special guests.

NEXT: Why I would (usually) rather purchase back issue comics from e-bay than a local shop or online store...

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